Note: To contribute to HUPAC you must be a member of NAHU. But did you know that a NAHU member’s immediate family may also contribute as well as the staff of the NAHU member?

Because there are two PACs we realize it can be confusing. A quick explanation is this – HUPAC is NAHU’s PAC and the funds are primarily used for federal level issues. While OKHUPAC is Oklahoma’s Health Underwriter’s PAC and the funds are used for Oklahoma State level issues.

Needless to say both PACs are vitally important to our industry as they serve their own issues. TAHU Board Officers encourage all members of NAHU/TAHU to contribute a minimum of $10 a month to either HUPAC and/or OKHUPAC to protect:

  1. Free-market delivery system, and
  2. Our industry which in turn protects our profession!



HUPAC is administered on a federal level through NAHU. To learn more about HUPAC, we refer you to NAHU’s HUPAC website. To sign up for HUPAC, we request you use the Custom Oklahoma Registration Form and submit accordingly. HUPAC Login


The OKHUPAC is administered on a local level by the OSAHU HUPAC Chair. To sign up for OKHUPAC, you will need to complete the HUPAC Contribution Form and the OK Contributors Statement which the State of Oklahoma requires.


The OKHUPAC Process

Only those contributing to the OKHUPAC are allowed to request Distributions. If you are a contributing member and wish to contribute funds to a particular candidate, please complete the Distribution Request Form and submit accordingly. The OKHUPAC Flow Chart was created so that no one person makes the decision as to whether or not funds will be given to a particular candidate.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, suggestions, please contact the OSAHU HUPAC Chair listed in the Board of Directors page of this website.